Macintosh, PPP, and Msen

MacPPP Setup- Configuration

This is the basic configuration screen for MacPPP.

You can change the name of this configuration by altering the PPP Server Name field.

Port Speed is the speed at which the modem will send data to your Mac. 38400 is normal for 14.4 modems, 57600 is normal for 28.8 modems.

Flow Control depends greatly upon your modem. You should set this field to what is recommended in your modem's manual.

Phone num and Modem Init: Place the Msen number you dial to reach us here. The Modem Init field can generally be left blank- the manufacturer's settings are usually sufficient to establish a good connection.

The Modem connect timeout is how long your modem will try to connect if it's having problems. For example, if your modem and ours aren't talking very well for some reason, your modem will give up after 90 seconds.

You should click the Authentication button to place your login ID and password.

You should leave Connect Script blank if you are using Authentication. If you want to use a script, be sure to leave the authentication screen blank.

You should always leave the LCP Options and IPCP Options set to their default values.

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