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10 digit dialing required due to area code overlay of 947 and 248

Starting June 8, 2002 all Ameritech customers in the "248" area code MUST dial all local calls within the 248 area code using 10 digits (area code + phone number, no leading 1 required) from any phone. This includes modems and ISDN calls.

Msen suggests adding the area code to your dialer today to avoid problems with your phone calls not going through. To change a Dialup Networking connection in Microsoft Windows,
Go to My Computer
Double click on Dialup Networking
Right Click on "Msen" and select Properties
Change the phone number
Press OK

Ameritech has said that they expect this change to take about a week for all calls to go through smoothly. Please be patient as Ameritech makes this change.

Below is the Ameritech/SBC flyer we received reguarding the issue:

Voice: (248) 740-3400
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