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Domain Registration

Msen's role in domain registration

- Msen handles the proper registration of Internet domains for our clients.

- By policy, Msen lists itself as the "Technical Contact" allowing us to maintain server information for the domain.

- The customer is listed as both "Administrative" and "Billing" contact, although these may be different people.


- Now that there is competition between multiple registrars, Msen has chosen to do domain registrations with two particular companies. Customers may select the registrar they feel best suits their needs.

* Verisign/ was the original Internic, which became Network Solutions, which was then purchased by Verisign. This organization has the longest track record for domain registrations and charges $35 annually billed by Verisign directly to you. Msen request that customers choosing to use Verisign allow Msen to process the registration for new domains. There is no additional charge to have Msen do it and it is very easy for customers to make a minor mistake which can significantly delay service activation.

* OpenSRS is a newer registrar, providing reliable service for $15 annually billed by Msen ($20 for customers having no Msen business services). As Msen is a direct reseller of OpenSRS registration services, Msen becomes your single point of contact for domain issues.
Customers who have a domain already registered with Msen can manage your domain account here. Official Rules and regulations and dispute resolution policy.

The registrar's role in domain registration

- The registrars work as a consortium that administers the Internet top-level domain names for COM, NET, EDU, INFO, BIZ, GOV and ORG. They control the ownership of domains and specify which DNS servers are authoritative for providing information about a given domain. If they do not have a domain listed, that domain is not accessable to the global Internet.


- Customers choosing to register with Verisign will be billed by them, directly to the billing contact listed for the domain. Domain names are the property of the customer, not Msen. While Msen is happy to maintain NIC-related details, we feel it is best to allow the customer to retain full control over the ownership of their domains.

Potential Problems

- The only frequent problem we see with domains is due to customers failing to pay their bills. The registrar maintains the central database of domains for the COM, NET, EDU, GOV and other domains throughout the world. If they delete or disable a domain due to nonpayment there is nothing Msen is able to do that will make it functional. It is important that customers read and respond timely to email to their billing contact address.

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