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Static IP Address Order Form

This interactive order form will allow you to enter all necessary information to generate an order form that you may print and either mail or fax to Msen to add the new service.

Static IP addresses are an optional service for Msen Business or Premium accounts. They are not available to customers with Personal Dialup or Personal ISDN accounts. Any Msen Business or Premium account with IP access may add one or more individual static addresses. Subnets are available only to customers with dedicated connections. Please contact Msen if you have any questions.

Existing Premium IP Account Information
Existing Msen Login:
Name on Account:
Account Address:
Zip Code:
Company Name:

Requested number of addresses:
single addresses
each $10.00

- Non Msen customers may also obtain static IP addresses. To do this, Msen uses a VPN to deliver traffic to end users having any form of Internet connection. All traffic is routed to Msen first, then delivered to the customer. This service carries a charge associated with the bandwidth desired to be used by the customer in addition to the above prices.
256K Bandwidth
512K Bandwidth

Please contact us to discuss the system requirements if you are interested in this service or need additional bandwidth.

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