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Whether you are looking to share some information with friends, get your existing business online to improve customer relations, or create a full-blown international eCommerce site using SSL to secure credit card transactions, Msen has a web hosting package to serve your needs. We offer several levels of service:
Basic Inexpensive web hosting with fixed quotas and monthly traffic limits
Premium Building block account with optional customized services.
Complete Everything an office running Microsoft Small Business needs to connect to the net and offer web services.
Server Colocation Customer server located at Msen.

Premium Business Services
Business class web hosting, with extensive flexibility is included for free as a base building block for Msen's business service. Our cafeteria style of providing services permit customers to tailor this account to their exact needs by choosing only the options that they require. The base $100.00 setup and $50.00 per month fee provides enhanced web hosting including:

- Domain registration by Msen for Customers are responsible for registrar fees.

- Virtual host web service as including your own IP address.

- Primary and secondary DNS services for your domain with tertiary service provided on an offsite DNS machine to improve reliability.

- One email box accessable via POP3 or via your shell account with 10MB space which will automatically receive email for Unlike Personal Dialup accounts, mailbox size may be increased to meet customer needs.

- Email forwarding of up to five additional addresses within your domain to any alternate address you choose.
Examples: could direct that email to the web page developer and could direct that email to a local sales rep in Chicago.

- FTP access to your account. Support for Microsoft Frontpage is available at no charge, by request.

- Separate directory with associated anonymous FTP access, permitting file distribution to general Internet users.

- CGI scripting permitting counters, web form to email, dynamic web pages, and other possibilites.

- Twenty MB disk space for any number of web pages and FTP space. Additional disk space is available.

- Shell access to your account on one of Msen's business-only servers.

- One Majordomo mailing list (e.g. or one automatic responder.

- Access to Usenet news.

- Monthly invoices delivered by e-mail.

- Net 30 terms.

Premium Business Service have many options that permit customers to configure their account to meet their exact needs. If this list seems overwhelming, or you have questions as to which options are appropriate, please contact Msen.

- Your site can add SSL support to safely accept credit cards or other sensative information.

- Msen can send you daily email with a report that shows the traffic to your site.

- Counters can be added to your page permitting visitors to see how popular your page is.

Premium Webhosting Options
Secure web transactions server (SSL) to accept credit cards safely
Daily www page hit count report delivered via email
Install counter on web page
Attach additional domain to existing web page
Extra diskspace (in small amounts) for web site or mail box (per MB)
Large disk partition diskspace (from 250 MB)

Msen offers many services that can enhance your premium business account. They provide additional flexability and availability to your employees, not just your webmaster.

- Multiple domains may point to the same page.

- Msen can forward more than five email addresses at your domain to alternate addresses.

- Additional POP3 email boxes: When the office network connection is shared, users need only seperate email boxes.

- SMTP mail is the standard way for office environments to retrieve email for an entire domain. The SMTP mail option provides a backup mail server in case your account is offline at the time. This server holds mail and checks to see if your mail servers is online periodicly. When you are available, the mail is forwarded. This allows for either periodic dialup and retrieval of email, or redundant standby backup for 24x7 connections.

- Password protected FTP: This option is for the company that needs to receive files from customers via uploads. Each customer can be give a userid:password for file transfers that only the customer and the domain owner are able to see.

- Additional Majordomo mailing lists can be used for

* Product announcements email broadcasts.

* Auto responder for sales information, ie.

* Community discussion groups via email.

- These accounts may have uucp (unix-to-unix copy) access added. This protocol is designed for systems that are connected only briefly to a network due to cost considerations. Customers interested in using uucp should contact Msen for details about this option.
Domain Related Options
Additional domain with associated email forwarding
Additional (up to) 5 email addresses forwarding
Additional 5MB POP3 email account
Additional 10MB POP3 email account
SMTP service for domain (includes static IP address)
Password protected FTP access
Additional Majordomo mailing list or auto responder
Customers looking to combine Premium Webhosting with Business Dialup should consider Msen's Business Complete solution.

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