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Reporting busy signals

- Msen strives to provide a reliable dialup connection with no busy signals. Most busy signals experienced by our customers are a result of the telephone company failing to complete a call to our modems rather than all of our modems being in use.

- Busy signals or messages are usually due to a telephone company's lack of capacity in their interconnects or call routing issues. These problems can be fixed fastest when the telephone customer reports the problem, and Msen follows the trouble ticket.

- Msen publicly publishes our modem usage statistics and we seldom go over 85% of our capacity.

- Msen uses multiple telephone companies to provide our modem service and we may have another phone number for a given area. If you are experiencing problems with one of our numbers, try another one if it is available - but please notify us of the problem.

- Open a trouble ticket with your telephone company's repair services (see your local white pages for the correct number to call) prior to completing this form. You telephone company will need the same information that this form requests. The trouble ticket number will assist Msen in getting your problem resolved.

- Call the same number with your regular telephone so that you may hear any message given. Having this information speeds resolution.

- Then complete the following form so we can request the telephone company to look into the problem.

Telephone Company Problem Report

I have a   Normal phone line ISDN phone line

My Msen login is:

The Msen access number I called is:

From this phone number:
Second phone number for ISDN users
My phone company is:
I have opened this trouble ticket with my telephone company:
The time I tried calling was
The date I tried calling was:
When I tried calling, I got:
A busy signal A fast busy signal
A message (enter it in the box below)
I was finally able to get through at (time)
Other comments:
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