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Whether you are looking to share some information with friends, get your existing business online to improve customer relations, or create a full-blown international eCommerce site using SSL to secure credit card transactions, Msen has a web hosting package to serve your needs. We offer several levels of service:
Basic Inexpensive web hosting with fixed quotas and monthly traffic limits
Premium Building block account with optional customized services.
Complete Everything an office running Microsoft Small Business needs to connect to the net and offer web services.
Server Co-location Customer server located at Msen.

Server Co-location

Customers seeking high speed bandwidth for their own web servers or other Internet appliances may locate them at Msen's co-location facilities. All equipment must be securely mounted in our 19" industrial-grade racks. For customers with equipment that is not rack-friendly, Msen will install a 22 inch deep shelf for a one-time fee of $75.00.

Co-location customers are provided with:

- One 100base-T ethernet port.

- A single IP address. Additional IP addresses are available.

- 115 VAC wall power at the rack billed at $12.00 per peak amp per month. Customers may supply their own UPS if desired.

- 19 inch, 22 inch deep rack space wth a monthly charge of $125.00 for the first twelve inches and $60.00 for each additional six inches. The monthly charge on an entire 70 inch rack is discounted to $500.00. Rack space has an installation fee of the larger of $250.00 or one month's service.

- Customers wishing Msen to limit their bandwidth to specific peak rates may do so for a $100.00 install fee and $25.00 monthly fee. This peak limit may be modified at customer request for a $25.00 service charge.

- Monthly bandwidth is billed on sustained usage level as determined by traffic samples taken every five minutes, seven days per week. Monthly charge is based on the usage level under which 95% of samples fall. Msen disregards the top 5% of samples and charges $1.75 per Kilobit (1,000 bits per second) with a $150.00 minimum bandwidth charge and an install fee of $500.00.

- Your highest utilized 5% (33-37 hours) of Internet access is FREE every month!

If you have a JavaScript-enabled browser, you may use this calculator to determine applicable rack space charges.
Height of your gear (1-72) inches.
Power draw of your gear. Typical PCs draw 1.5 AMPs AMPs
Check this box if you need Msen to supply a shelf.
Check this box if you need bandwidth limiting.
Your install charge will be and your monthly charge will be .

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