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Msen's highly skilled technical staff can solve most network performance issues. While basic support for typical installation issues is included at no charge as part of standard account service, customers who require additional assistance are charged reasonable consulting fees.

All MsenLite accounts are provided with 24x7 technical support for one year from the date of account creation. Customers who have dedicated services (ISDN, T1 and T3) are provided with a 24x7 phone number which will always reach a human or a pager.

Before contacting our technical support team regarding standard support, please review our online frequently asked questions (FAQ) as most support requests are answered there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In 2021, Msen has started moving users to a new, improved email system. These instructions are for setting up your account after Msen has noified you that your account has moved.

- Configuring Windows Mail for IMAP (2021)

- Configuring Apple Mail for IMAP (2021)

- Windows Outlook quick setup guide
 Account (Enter your full email address)
 Select Advanced options  
 Check "Let me set up my account manually"  
 When "Advanced Setup" comes up, choose IMAP  
 Server: port 143
 Encryption method: Auto
 Check "Require login using SPA"  
 Outgoing server: port 587 note changed port
 Encryption method: Auto
 Check "Require login using SPA"  
 Password: Your password

- Configuring Thunderbird Email

- My Browser Reports a GPF

- Old IOS email setup guide

- Old quick setup guide

 Account type POP
 Incoming and...,, or
 ...Outgoing server whichever Msen server your account resides on
 Incoming server port 110
 Outgoing server port 25 or 587
 SSL support Msen supports SSL, you may use it or not

My Browser reports a GPF

A GPF is a General Protection Fault. It can occur at any time and for no apparent reason using the Windows operating system. Windows has many features that can make it crash, lock up or generate error messages. If you are getting this type of error, you should try the following:

- Always run scandisk as soon as you reboot the machine to check for disk errors.

- Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Check with your hardware manufacturer to do this.

- If nothing else works, uninstall, then reinstall your browser.

Voice: (248) 740-3400
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