I need to find out more information about FMEAPLUS® software.

The software is a tool for making the process easier. The user guide that comes with it is a "how to operate the software". FMEAPLUS software is designed specifically for doing FMEA's, it's sort of like a spreadsheet, but more hierarchical, since an FMEA is a tree structure, not a spreadsheet. The software automatically calculates "risk priority numbers" so you can prioritize potential design or process problems. On-line, context sensitive help comes with the software.

How do I order additional user guides?

Each copy of the software comes with one user guide. For network licenses, you can order additional guides from wherever you ordered the software.

Where do I get FMEA training?

It is very important to understand the principles of FMEA and learn how to apply them. Ford Fairlane Training & Development Center (FTDC) offers several courses on the FMEA process and a course in using the FMEA for Windows software. For class schedules or prices, call FTDC at 248-2100. SAE Professional Development Division also offers FMEA courses. For more information, call SAE at (412) 772-7148.

How do I get a FMEA handbook?

Universities, Ford Suppliers, and other non-Ford users, can get SAE Recommended Practice J1739 directly from SAE.