Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a systematized group of activities intended to: (a) recognize and evaluate the potential failure modes of a product or process and their effects, (b) identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the chance of the potential failure modes occurring, and (c) document the results of the FMEA. FMEA is complementary to the design process of defining positively what a design must do to satisfy the customer.

The purposes of an FMEA are: (a) To identify potential failure modes and rate the severity of their effects (b) To prioritize potential design and process deficiencies, and (c) To help engineers focus on eliminating product and process concerns and (d) help prevent problems from occurring.

FMEAPLUS® Software

The potential Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) discipline was developed by the aerospace industry in the mid - 1960's and first used by Ford Motor Company in 1972. Since then, Ford has continued to refine the FMEA technique for analyzing engineering design and related manufacturing processes.

At the heart of the FMEA technique are custom FMEA reports that are continually updated and modified based on new inputs from the FMEA team members. FMEAPLUS is specifically designed to simplify preparing and updating these reports. FMEAPLUS saves valuable engineering and design time by avoiding tedious cutting and pasting to make changes and insertions in FMEA reports. FMEAPLUS users also benefit from increased legibility and standardization in their reports.

This user friendly software is used by Ford and Supplier activities worldwide, resulting in standardization of the technique as well as reporting format. It is a proven time saver and aid to product problem prevention. See the Frequently Asked Questions.

UPDATE - FMEAPLUS is no longer available!

For information on FMEA Training please contact the SAE or your local Quality organization. Some alternative software tools include:

FMEAPLUS software and SAE Recommended Practice J1739, based on the Ford FMEA Handbook, can also be ordered from SAE Professional Development Division: (412) 772-7148.