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What am I looking for?

You must read for entertainment, preferably including science fiction. I don't own a television because I'd rather talk about real life, go out and do things, or curl up with a good book. You must have a mind of your own, and a strong personality.
Isn't there a woman out there who drives an E-type Jag roadster? Grin... I may never find one, but tell me how you're equally cool. I like a woman to dress well, to be willing to show off her legs getting out of the DeLorean, to understand that ratty jeans are okay on some days too.
You must be able to drive a stick (for that Jaguar) and handle yourself in any situation. I am successful myself, and am discovering that I am happiest with someone who considers herself a success.
I'm often known as the Cannibal, so you mustn't mind being eaten. If you like Monty Python and the Tick, we're on the right track.
I'm comfortable with it, and especially enjoy flirting and triple-entendres. You should be interested, active, and enjoy life!
I'm tall (6'3") and not bad looking. Why not look for someone "gorgeous and sensationally beautiful", as Danny Kaye used to say... we both deserve the best.
W.H. Auden said it may not be the fuel of love, but it makes excellent kindling. It's not a really big deal, but I'm Scottish... or Ferengi... doesn't that say it all?

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Okay, I'll admit I can hook one of my monitors up to my VCR to watch videos, but I try to keep it in the closet most of the time.