Merry Christmas!
I've stolen my little brother Justin's gift page, after I convinced him to put one up.
Please consider getting him a gift instead!

Proud of him, a true Ferengi:
Other gifts (especialy pricey ones) shall be accepted.


  1. The coolest new car in years, the Jaguar XK8, now that Ford and Jaguar have designed a suitable entry to follow the classic XKE.
  2. The best new computer for Web design or graphics, a SGI O2. I don't do kludged MicroSquish architectures. The O2 has a unified memory architecture, which means that you can use ALL of your RAM for graphics if you need to, on the fly! The R10K is a blazing processor!
  3. A digital camera. The Casio is cheapest and has some nice features but the Olympus and Sony have better resolution and do standard JPG.
  4. Accessories for my HP 200 palmtop, like an AC adapter, a PCMCIA modem, or better yet a cellular RadioMail modem
  5. A colorful silk bowtie to wear to formal parties.
  6. Tick Stuff is Keen!!
  7. A Nerf chain gun like the Razorbeast or Thunderstrike 20
  8. A videotape copy of 12 Monkeys
  9. Books, especially anything by Pratchett, Vonnegut, or Doc Smith. The new Tim Powers or Bill Gibson. Have been looking for the third book in P.C. Hodgell's Godstalk trilogy, but it was only available in limited editions.

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