The bank robber's car is out of gas

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

As the bank robber jumps into his car, two police cruisers careen around the corner, coming up behind him. He jams the gas pedal to the floor, shoves the shift lever into low, and hears the engine wheeze to a stop.

As the officers leap from their cars, the bank robber panics, and jumps out of his car. When the police see someone fleeing the scene of the crime, they split up, and the first two officers start chasing the bank robber, while the other two enter the bank.

The bank robber jogs right, into a narrow alley. The robber is an athletic looking young man, while the two policemen are in their early fifties, and look like they've spent a lot of time at the donut shop.

As the police follow the robber into the alley, they can see that he is gaining. He's already halfway down the alley to the next block, and if he gets to Busy Street, at the end of the alley, they know they'll lose him in the crowd.

The older of the two cops shouts "Harry, let the dog get him".

The other policeman stops running and cups his hands around his mouth, "Grr-Ooof, oof, oof, Grrrr-off", he growls and barks.

The bank robber stops, throws his arms against the wall, and assumes the position while shouting "Call off the dog! Don't let him bite me! Oh, God! Don't sic the dog on me!"

Needless to say, he's arrested.

Brain-Dead Boy is released as soon as the police return with the real robber. The red-haired teller quits working at the bank, and next time Brain-Dead Boy finds a nickel, he falls madly in love with her blonde replacement.

And, they all continue live their lives. Perhaps not happily, and perhaps not for ever after, but at least things will stay calm until the next episode in The Adventures of Brain-Dead Boy.


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