Brain-Dead Boy gets rewarded for capturing the robber

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

After sending the would-be bank robber to work on the test, Officer O'Malley looks at Brain-Dead Boy with approval.

"Faith, and it's a fine, brave lad you are!", he says, "to be attacking an armed man with nothing but your bare hands, and savin' all these folks. Reminds me of the things I used to do when I was your age."

The bank officer comes out of his back office now, looking much more composed , and sounding like the officer of a major bank.

"Young man, you've done a fine thing today. I just checked our memoranda, and the bank has a standing policy of rewards for the apprehension and conviction of those engaged in felonious withdrawals of money from the Littel Trust Bank. While the conviction of this felon is as yet unknown, I believe that you are completely entitled to the reward for apprehension." He turns to the red haired teller. "Miss Maybelle, would you credit this young man's account for five dollars, and debit it from the bank's general operating expenses."

Brain-Dead Boy looks back at the red haired teller. "Maybelle?", he says as he thinks "Cousin Maybelle the Motor Mouth?"

"Hi, Brain-Dead Boy", the red haired teller smiles at him. "I haven't seen you in four years. Not since I went off to Feefor U. I just graduated last month and I got this great job in the bank. I'm staying with Aunt Hortense and Uncle Mortimer until I find a place of my own. I didn't notice you when you came in. I was busy sorting checks. I didn't know you knew Kai-Juditso. I took a semester of Ouchido at Feefor, but we didn't learn those fancy moves. Golly, I'm sure glad you stopped that robber when you did. I haven't been that scared since the time Cousin Beauregard dared me to climb to the top of the Ancient Oak tree out on the farm. Did you know they chopped that tree down last summer? It had a bad infestation of Oak Worms, and Cousin Beauregard says that the entire inside of the tree was one solid worm. I took a course in biology at school, but we never studied the Oak Worms. Did you ever hear about them? I think Cousin Beauregard is teasing me again just like he used to when I called him Cousin Bozo. That reminds me..."

Brain-Dead Boy looks at the Bank Officer, who looks at Officer O'Malley, who looks at Brain-Dead Boy. They all shrug their shoulder, and the torrent of words continues.


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