Officer O'Malley goes into the bank

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

Faith, and it's not that I'm believin' that line of blarney for a half a moment, but its me curiosity that got me into this job, and it's certainly my curiosity that will someday get me out of it."

Officer O'Malley walks towards the bank and Brain-Dead Boy continues nodding mechanically.

Just then, the bank door opens, and a man wearing a blue windbreaker and ski mask backs out of the bank waving a gun. Behind him is a short, stout lady with her steel grey hair pulled back in a bun.

"Jonathan James Bancjarobski", she says slowly and carefully, "If you're mother were alive today she'd be rolling in her grave. Just WHAT do you think you're doing down here. Now, you get back into that car, and you put that silly gun and ski mask back in the dresser drawer, and then you get the car washed like you were supposed to, and take it back to Crook's Mountain Get-A-Way right now. You tell Mr. Crook you're sorry it took so long, and you'll make up the time by taking a short lunch." She looks at Officer O'Malley, and smiles briefly. "Good Morning, Officer O'Malley. Lovely Day, isn't it?" She turns back to the bank robber. "You heard me now. I swear I don't know what I'm going to do with you!"

She turns around and storms back into the bank, as the bank robber takes off the ski mask, revealing a very abashed young man. He looks at Officer O'Malley, standing with his pen still poised over the ticket book.

Officer O'Malley looks at the would be bank robber and shakes his head. "Faith, and after the beating you just got, it wouldn't be fair to be giving you the parking ticket on top of it. Be off with you, boy, and you don't be disobeying your Auntie June."

The won't be robber slinks into the car, and drives sedately and quietly down the street as Officer O'Malley and Brain-Dead Boy watch. Halfway down the block he turns left into the "Car ash!", where the "W" used to be.

"Faith, and maybe the Mayor is right. It's not more police we're needing, it's more Auntie Junes."


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