Brain-Dead Boy gets reprimanded

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

As the silent alarms go off, a door at the back of the bank opens and a hefty man in his late forties emerges. His crewcut hair is graying, his suit coat is tight around the shoulders, and his starched white shirt is unbuttoned at the top, with the tie pulled loose. He looks like he probably played football in school, and is just starting to get paunchy.

He takes one look at the scene, and charges at the robber, obviously intending to make a classic football tackle.

The bank guard, his attention drawn to Brain-Dead Boy's sudden attack of vomiting has also figured out that standard withdrawals are not made at gunpoint, and has also started to race towards the bank robber.

The guard reaches the bank robber first, grabs him by one arm, and flips him over his shoulder onto the floor just as the bank officer dives for the robber's knees.

By the time the bank officer reaches where the knees were, the knees have moved up, over the guard's back, and are halfway back to the ground. The bank officer, however is already committed to his action. He lands on his chest in the pool of vomit, and slides across the bank's marble floor until he collides with one of the tables. The table collapses on him, dumping deposit slips and advertising notices about IRA's and 90 day CD's.

The bank officer lies stunned for a moment while the bank guard murmurs something to the bank robber. The words aren't quite audible, but the tone causes the bank robber to stop struggling.

The bank officer rises to his feet, the front of his shirt seriously soiled, and glares at Brain-Dead Boy.

"You!" he shouts, "Don't you know enough to stay home when you're sick! My god! Look at this mess." He runs his hands through the front of his jacket and shirt.

"You!" He waves at the red haired teller, "go get me some paper towels."

"You!" He waves at the oriental teller, "run over to Hay Berdasher's and get me a shirt. White, 18" Neck, Long. Take the money out of petty cash."

"You!" He glares at Brain-Dead Boy again. "Get out of my bank this minute, and don't come back until you're healthy!"

"You!" He looks at the robber, "What the hell do you think you're doing trying to rob my bank. I'm going to see to it that you don't see sunshine again until you're too old to appreciate it!"

"You!" He looks at Brain-Dead Boy again. "What are you still doing here! I told you..."

Brain-Dead Boy exits the bank, much faster than he arrived. Somehow, this didn't end up the way he'd hoped, but tomorrow might be another adventure.


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