Brain-Dead Boy Does Something Stupid Brain-Dead Boy looks at the robber. The word "CROOK" on his windbreaker is a dead give-away, and nobody wears a ski mask indoors in August unless they are up to no good. The truly telling feature, however, is the gun he takes out of his jacket pocket every couple minutes, as if to reassure himself that it is still there.

Brain-Dead Boy glances back over his shoulder. There is a large black sedan double-parked in front of the bank with the engine running. There is a red bumper sticker on rear bumper that reads "Protected by MAFIA", and the license plate reads "GET-A-WAY". At the other end of the car is Officer O'Malley, with one foot propped on the front bumper, writing a ticket.

"Excuse me", says Brain-Dead Boy. "If the person who double parked their black sedan is in the bank, they might want to move the car quick, before Officer O'Malley finishes writing them a ticket for double parking."

The robber glances back at Brain-Dead Boy, takes a quick look at the red- haired teller in front of him, and pulls the gun out of his pocket.


Brain-Dead Boy looks at the robber. "I can't do that. If I'm going to get face down on the floor, I have to move. If I don't move, I can't get on the floor. Besides, this is really over-reaction to a simple parking ticket. It's not like it's a speeding violation."

"YOU!", the robber shouts again, gesturing at Brain-Dead Boy with his gun. He always seems to be shouting. "GET OVER HERE! I WANT YOU ON THE FLOOR WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!"

"Then, I can move?" asks Brain-Dead Boy.


"OK. Bye Now." Brain-Dead Boy quickly backs out the door while the robber starts shouting again, and waves his gun in the air.