Clif Flynt Professional Information

Noumena Corporation
8888 Black Pine
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-8779


I have worked in the computer field since 1978 developing engineering, scientific and business applications. I have experience with a wide variety of operating systems ranging from real time kernels to VMS, and with programming languages ranging from Am2900 microcode to HTML and Tcl/Tk. I have over 10 years of experience with several flavors of Unix and the C language.

As a project leader, system designer, senior programmer, and consultant I have worked on a wide range of projects. I have designed software packages for displaying large Cad-Cam images on MS-DOS based PC's, analyzing DNA data using coarse grained distributed processing, analyzing 2-D electrophoresis gels, vending videotapes, distributing software over phone lines, computer aided instruction, automated testing of software and hardware, and internet based applications including web based agents, e-mail robots.

As a network administrator I have designed and managed a 7x24 testing facility, installed firewalls, and acted as a consultant for web applications.

As a designer I have developed projects using structured, object-oriented, and rapid-prototype design methodologies. I am vehement about design process, documentation, code control, testing and validation.

I have worked independently and led small teams in both traditional and remote working environments. I have managed projects in all phases, from preparing designs, schedules and resource allocations to final rollout, delivery and customer training.



High-Level Mid-Level Assembler Operating Systems Machines
Tcl/Tk C 680x0 UNIX Sun
Scheme C++ 80n86 Linux Apollo
Perl Java 2901 MS-DOS IBM PC/AT
Awk Fortran Z80 MS-Windows 95/NT IBM RT
Yacc/Lex Apl PDP 11 RMX-86 DEC PDP / Vax
Autoconf Basic PDP 8 XENIX (V7 & SYS V) Intel 310
X-Windows LISP IBM 1130 RT-11 Prime
GPSS Pascal Prime RSX 11M Perkin Elmer
Sunview Objective C IBM 360 SUN-OS / Solaris Masscomp