Control: A Tk/X-10 household control package

Tcl/Tk Front-End to BottleRocket and FireCracker


The X10 company ( makes a couple of computer interfaces for their X10 based switches. One of these is an in-line DB-9 serial device they call the Firecracker.

Tymm Twillman has a good discussion of the FireCracker and his Unix/Linux program for driving it (BottleRocket) at:

This looked like a great opportunity for a Tk front end to a nifty little program, and since I had a Firecracker I wanted to use from my Linux box...

The control.tcl program displays a drawing that you create with your favorite paint program (I used xfig), and then overlays little rectangles to represent where the X-10 controllers are installed. When your mouse passes over one of these rectangles, it displays an informative label, like "Coffee Pot". The controllers can be turned on and off by clicking them with left and right mouse buttons.

The control.tcl program has these features:

This is a first pass, "Wow, it works!" project. Subject to change as I get time.

Release History:

Revision Date Comments
1.5 7/26/99 Save button works again.
I'd changed naming convention for the save file in almost all the places that the filename was accessed.
1.4 7/18/99 First release, it seems to work.

Download the control.tcl program as a gzipped tar archive (4K bytes)

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