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Bill's page on the net

Yes, I'm Bill, the fuzzy faced one. I hang out at Par-Kut International, a company in Mt. Clemens, Michigan that builds small metal buildings. I have been working here since 1976, and if you want to find me, you have a much better chance of reaching me at work than you ever will at home. Want to see my desk? Drop me an E-mail note at,

Among my hobbies, I include computer networking, web page building and trying to stay current in internet technology. My internet provider is MSEN. For recreation, I ride my bicycle along with a few dozen of my friends and am a member of the League of Michigan Bicyclists, The League of American Bicyclists and The Clinton River Riders

I have been using micro computers since before the invention of the first IBM PC, and built my first from a kit. The ALTAIR S-100, came with a whopping 56k of memory, and you had to toggle in the startup routine to get a casette based operating system loaded. (circa 1972).

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