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Last updated 1/18/04

I finally have the text of The Anti-Bug Manifesto from the old Squash the TV Bugs site.
As a reference, while I will leave the hyperlinks in place in case they come back, anything that seems to be missing is flagged with Dead Link so that you will not be surprised if you click and get rubbish. Do let me know if you find a dead link that comes back to life. Someone found one that moved, thanks for the sharp watch.

Here is a commentary on the Anti-Bug Manifesto. I may add more comments later, for the moment, I address one point.

May I have my television back? is Colin Campbells' take on these things. This link will probably change soon.

The Network Address List is being restored, slowly.

The Logo War has some interesting links, including Conan O'Briens' opinion on the subject. The site is operated by the Society for a Logo-Free TV.

Kill the Bug. I agree.

Neena Louise is Bugged by Bugs, and I agree with her points here. Thanks to R. F. for finding the new URL.

In the UK they call the things DOGs, and Dogwatch has some comments.

A new site called Squash the Bugs, which operates out of the UK and is not related to the old Squash the TV Bugs despite the similar name.

And UK residents can now Vote Against Logos, even if only on a web site.

And here is a Mad Raving about logos.

Then there are some angry people.

Here is another site dedicated to the concept of Logo Free TV This was updated 1/18/04 as the site operator indicated he has been the victim of a site hijacking.

And a new addition to the logo-haters list: The USA Campaign for Logo-Free Television.

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