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Last updated 4/11/01

What is CSS? It stands for Content Scrambling System, a means of encrypting the content on DVDs so that they can only be played back on players that are made by companies that have paid obscene amounts of money for the technical specifications that make DVDs work.

CSS was cracked by some programmers trying to create a DVD movie player for non-Windows operating systems such as Linux.

This page is meant to keep DVD-relevent links in one spot for easy access, there will be a certain amount of crossover with the copyright wrongs page.

The dates on articles use the US MM/DD/YY format.

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One good place to visit for information is OpenDVD.Com

Eric S. Raymond made some very interesting comments on this issue in DVDCAA and the Big Lie on the Linux Today site.

From :
EFF Asks Court For Relief In DVD Encryption Info Ban by Martin Stone (1/19/01)

From Australian IT News
Restricting DVDs 'illegal': ACCC

FromC|Net News:
DOJ stands with film industry in DVD cracking case by Lisa M. Bowman (2/22/01)
ISP takes stand in dispute over DVD-cracking code by Lisa M. Bowman (1/24/01)
Hollywood dealt setback in DVD code case by Evan Hansen (12/14/00)
DVD lawyers spill "secret" code by Evan Hansen (1/26/00)
Court blocks online publishing of DVD decryption tool by Courtney Macavinta (1/24/00)

From CNN Online
Legal Linux DVD player on the horizon by Sam Costello (11/15/00)
DVD and the digital copyright act by Scott Bradner (2/4/00)

From Computer Reseller News
Torvalds slams DVD Industry by Edward F. Moltzen (2/2/00)

From Cryptome.Org an amici curiae brief that seems to use the DMCA to protect DeCSS.

DVD :Lawsuit Filing -- What Happened by Chris DiBona (1/1/00)
This is included in his DVD Protest page.

DeCSS - A Call For Action No obvious author or date

From Fool.Com
Son of DIVX: DVD Copy Control

From InfoWorld
Reactions passionate to DVD ruling
by Sam Costello (8/18/00)
DVD ruling may have profound implications by Sam Costello (8/17/00)

From Linux.Com
Linux and Reverse Engineering by Tom Dominico, Jr. (9/6/00)
The DVD Cartel by Rob Bos (1/28/00)

From :
Return of the Hacker by Jason Kroll (2/4/00)
Linux and DeCSS: What the MPAA is Really After by Bryan Pfaffenberger (2/4/00)
Crackers and Crackdowns by Jason Kroll (1/27/00)
DVD Fun by Doc Searles (12/30/99)

From LinuxNews
Move Over, Spartacus--Here Comes DeCSS by Bonnie Greene (10/30/00)

From Linux Today
As Robert Cringely might have put it... By A.J. Mayo (2/11/00)
Arne Flones -- The Digital Millenium Copyright Act: A Corporate Bully Bludgeon by (Amazingly enough) Arne W. Flones (1/25/00)
Time to organize against DVD lawyers by Eric Harlow (1/27/00)

From LinuxWorld:
Interview with Jon Johansen by J. S. Kelly (Jan, 00)

Sony quietly codes DVDs to defeat popular multi-region players by Ben Berkowitz (11/3/00)

From NewsForge:
EFF takes its DVD case to Linux users, looking to raise funds by Nathan L. Walls (9/15/00)

The New York Times is insisting on registration from the links that were here, and has therefore been removed.

From the osOpinion site:
DeCSS and the Big Deal by Andrew Yates (11/3/00)
I want my DVD, your honor. by Dean Pannel (1/6/00) A very humorous take on the issue

From The Register,a UK IT news site
EU ennobles music & film insustries ´a la DMCA By Thomas C. Greene (4/11/01)
Public Interest cIted in DVD descrambler appeal by Thomas C. Greene (3/26/01)
DVD descrambler encoded in 'illegal' prime number by Thomas C. Greene (3/19/01)
Tiny C code bests seven-line DVD decoder by Tony Smith (3/13/01)
Boffins back 2600 over DeCSS ruling by Lucy Sherriff (1/25/01)
Verio stands firm in DeCSS row by Linda Harrison (1/24/01)
Group proposes CD-R, DVD compatibility spec by Tony Smith (12/15/00
Warner attempts to out-hack DVD hackers by Tony Smith (10/9/00)
Mythology dominates MPAA strategy in DVD trial by Thomas C. Greene (7/25/00)
Tesco slams 'unnecessary' DVD zoning by Linda Harrison and Tony Smith (2/21/00)
DVD industry is "screwing customers" -- Torvalds by Thomas C. Greene (2/2/00)
Young DeCSS developer rudely arrested by Thomas C. Greene (1/26/00)
Norwegian coppers nick DeCSS DVD geezers by Tim Richardson (1/25/00)
DeCSS temporarily banned from the Net Thomas C. Greene (1/24/00)
Movie studios sue four over DeCSS distribution by Tony Smith (1/20/00)
Hollywood big-guns take aim at three Webmasters by Thomas C.Greene (1/15/00)

From Salon.Com
Criminal Code by C. Scott Ananian (2/9/00)

From Scientific American
DVDs: Cease and DeCSS by Wendy Grossman (May 2000)

From The Standard :
Cyberspace Prosecutor By Lawrence Lessig (2/18/00)

And from User Friendly the on-line comic strip, some bits of humor on the subject here and here

From WIRED on-line magezine:
Descramble That DVD in 7 Lines By Declan McCullagh (3/7/01)
DVD Piracy Judge Tells All by Declan McCullagh (11/17/00)
Blazing a Trail in Home Recording by John Gartner (11/16/00)
Fingering the DVD Pirates by Leander Kahney (10/18/00)
Fear of a Pay-Per-Use World by Oscar S. Cisneros (10/9/00)
DVD Pirates Face Watery Foe by Andy Patrizio (8/24/00)
Only News That's Fit to Link by Declan McCullagh (8/23/00)
Studios Score DeCSS Victory by Declan McCullagh (8/17/00)
First DVD Recorder Debuts by Andy Patrizio (8/8/00)
Court to Address DeCSS T-Shirt by Farhad Manjoo (8/2/00)
Teen Hacking Idol Hits Big Apple by Declan McCullagh (7/20/00)
Movie Studios on the Warpath by Declan McCullagh (7/18/00)
DeCSS Lawyers Press MPAA by Declan McCullagh (7/17/00)
Recording DVDs the Write Way by John Gartner (6/28/00)
Apex Player Banned by Ebay by Andy Patrizio (6/20/00)
When DVD Is Too Good to Be Legal by Leander Kahney (6/19/00)>
Movie Chief Mum on DVD Piracy by Declan McCullagh (6/17/00)
DVD Mediation Sans Media by Declan McCullagh (6/7/00)
Tuning Up Digital Copyright Law by Brad King (5/16/00)
DeCSS Gag Injunction Appealed no credited author (5/15/00)
Link Ban 'Threatens Free Speech' by Declan McCullagh (5/4/00)
MPAA Sues to Stop DeCSS Linking by Andy Petrizio (4/5/00)
APEX DVD Player Full Featured by Andy Patrizio (4/4/00)
Legal DVD for Penguin-Heads by Michelle Finley (3/31/00)
DVD Battle Heats Up by Declan McCullagh (3/8/00)
DVD Wars: Defense Rallies by Declan McCullagh (3/7/00)
Studios Score DeCSS Victory by Declan McCullagh (8/17/00)
Judge Rags on DVD Hackers by Declan McCullagh (2/3/00)
DVD Case: It's a Linux Thing by Lynn Burke (1/28/00)
Teen Hacker's Home Raided by Lynn Burke (1/25/00)
Small Win for CA DVD Hackers by Lynn Burke (1/21/00)
DVD Round 1 Goes to Hackers by Chris Oakes (12/29/99)
Geeks Get Thier Day in Court by Chris Oakes (12/29/99)
DVD Hackers Hit With Lawsuit by Chris Oakes (12/28/99)
Case Hinges on Reverse Hack by Chris Oakes (12/28/99) This man writes a lot. Good thing, too.

From Aftenposten which appears to be a Norwegian newspaper site.
Police Raid teen hackers' home. no identified author (1/27/00)

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