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Work President and principal shareholder of Msen, Inc., a full service commercial Internet Service Provider with offices Troy Michigan. If you have comments about Msen service, you should send email to service@msen.com.
If you want to sell your product on the web, put prices on your web pages. A web page may be the only contact you ever have with a potential customer. Failure to provide complete pricing information means lost sales. A web page is different from an advertisement. The objective of an ad is to get potential customers to call you. A web page should provide everything the potential customer needs to complete a buying decision.
Make it load fast. If you must use pictures, include a thumbnail on the page with a link to the real picture.
Use an html validator like Doctor HTML to insure your syntax is correct.
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Enthusiastic (but not always present) attendee, founder of Cookie Lab and infrequent host of gatherings of the the South-East Michigan Gluttony Society (SEMGS: Friends, Conversation, and Stupid Amounts of Food).
Frequent attendee of SEMISlug (Copy and Convert).
Member of General Technics.
Pursuits When the snow melts, I drive an 87 Corvette that I've had since it was new. My literal interpretation of the speed limit is the speed of the vehicle in front of me. Yes, there are speed traps in Michigan and I could paper a significant amount of wallspace with my trophies to the Michigan Troopers and their local counterparts. That's the dues for playing the game.
I have a few pinball machines
Misc 47 is the most common number in the universe.
Quotes "Short-term expedients always fail in the long term." -- Dwarf MacIntosh
"Companies do what they do best, and Ameritech doesn't compete - Ameritech litigates." -- Bob Taylor, President, Focal Communications as quoted in September 28, 1998 Telephony magazine.

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Michael R. Wayne
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