Vanilla Kipfer (Crescents)

When I was a kid, these were the hardest cookies we made. They were almost impossible to roll out properly, crumbling to pieces and generating more frustration than cookies. I gave up on making them for about 15 years, then decided I would bear the agony and make a small batch. Rather than mixing them by hand, as we used to do, I ground the nuts in our electric nut grinder and dumped the ingredients into a Cusinart.

Imagine our suprise when the resulting dough was a joy to work with! We now make them regularly. Relating this story to my mother caused her to get a food processor.

NOT recommended to be made without a food processor!

Note that as this is a European recipe, the ingredients are measured by weight, not volume. dg stands for decagram.
10 dg butter
5 dg shelled, unpeeled almonds, ground fine
3 dg sugar
14 dg flour
powdered sugar

Insert the metal blade into your Cusinart and put all ingredients except powdered sugar into the workbowl. Process until mixture is completely mixed. Take a portion of the dough and, using your fingers, work it back and forth on the board until it is approximately 3/8 inch in diameter. Cut into 2.5 inch long pieces and carefully bend into crescent shapes. Tapering the ends yields a more aesthetic cookie, at the expense of some additional work. Place on greased cookie sheet, bake until light; approximately 10-15 minutes at 325 degrees. While warm, roll in powdered sugar to coat. Store refrigerated.

Last modified: December 4, 1996
Michael R. Wayne /
Contributed by Maria Swovick, modified by Michael R. Wayne