Brain Dead Boy Gives Up and Goes Fishing

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

"It's still a beautiful day", thinks Brain-Dead Boy. He waxes poetical for a moment comparing the red haired teller behind her grille to a white bird in a golden cage, then shakes his head and glances at the single white fluffy cloud in the sky.

"Say, Officer O'Malley, just where is the best spot for fishing?"

Officer O'Malley looks up from his ticket as if shocked. "The best place for fishing? How would I be knowin' that, I'd like to know? The last fish I caught was in a can of tuna and should have been thrown back. I do all of my fishing off the river bank, but there's nothing there but crooks who steal the bait off your very hook!"

Brain-Dead Boy nods. "There do seem to be a lot of crooks in the banks these days." he agrees.

"T'is the truth you speak, Brain-Dead Boy, Me Boy. And the Mayor himself is talkin' about taking good men off the force to balance the city budget. Why, I'd be willing to wager that there's a crook in the Littel Trust Bank at this very moment, and we'd never know a thing about it until long after the dirty deed was done."