Brain-Dead Boy helps capture the robber.

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

Fortunately, the guard doesn't hear the oriental teller over the the dark-haired teller shouting "He has a gun!". Since he saw the gun fly into the air, and recognized it as a water pistol, he's ignoring her also.

What he did see was that as the bank robber turned to flee, this brave young man tackled him, and has wrestled him to the floor. He watches in amazement as the two struggle. The robber is definitely taller and much more athletic, but the brave young man is managing to keep him from escaping. The guard is certain that Brain-Dead Boy knows some form of Asian Martial Art, and watches closely to get some pointers.

Meanwhile, Brain-Dead Boy has discovered more elbows than he ever knew existed. He suspects that some of them are his, but he knows for certain that he is being jabbed by elbows in places where his elbows could never reach. What he really wants is to get up, and get these elbows out of his solar plexus, nose, ear, thigh, gluteus maximus, and private regions. But, the harder he tries to get up, and more he finds himself with elbows jabbing him. The only real consolation to this is that he keeps finding soft spots to put his elbows as he tries to lever himself to his feet, and some of them don't hurt, so he thinks they must be a soft spot on someone else.

The bank robber is having a similar experience, with the added realization that within moments the police will arrive, and then his life will become very unpleasant.

Sure enough, before Brain-Dead Boy can get himself extricated, Officer O'Malley bursts through the door with his pencil drawn, and his ticket book open. He sees the two men struggling on the hard marble floor, and the bank guard watching.

"Faith, and what are they doing there?" he asks the bank guard. "It looks a bit like an indecent display of public affection."

"Naw," the bank guard replies, "The little one is using Kai-Juditso on the bigger guy. You can tell from the fancy way he pins him down from the bottom with his elbows. The big guy was trying to rob the bank when the little one tackled him with an over-the-shoulder-dive-throw. That's what they call the 'Diving Dragon Dumps a Load' move. I was pretty good with that stuff when I was younger."

Officer O'Malley stops to admire the technique and skill with which Brain-Dead Boy is getting pummeled. "Faith. Those fancy fighting styles ain't for Mother O'Malley's youngest. I'll stick with me simple fisticuffs." So saying, Officer O'Malley wades into the fray, kicking and punching indiscriminately until both Brain-Dead Boy and the robber stop struggling and just try to avoid being hit. Once they stop moving Officer O'Malley can separate the one from the other, and he pulls the bank robber to his feet.

Quickly, Officer O'Malley goes over the Miranda rights with the bank robber, then gives him a blue book and a test sheet, and sends him into a corner of the bank to complete the test, and prove that he has heard and understood the Miranda Rights.

The robber meekly complies, and starts working on the test, trying very hard to figure out answers that will appear correct, but could be used by his lawyer as grounds for a mistrial. However, the test was carefully designed by a committee of psychology and criminology professors at Wemiss U to be unflunkable. It consists of multiple choice questions with only one choice.