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Tree Object

I've been using the Tree object in some of my own projects, and discovered that it needed a few new features to be more useful. The new version of the code is Revision 2.1. The change log is:
version #
2.1 Added commands to treeNobj:
unset delete a key/value pair
append Append data to a key/value pair
lappend Lappend data to a key/value pair

fixed a bug in the {add} subcommand that was creating
the new procedure in the treeObject namespace, instead of the global namespace.
2.0 Changed valueList return to return just the key, not the full array name.

Added keyList to return a list of known data keys.

Fixed -testObj to work correctly. The treeNobj was correct, but the tests were out of date.

1.0 Initial release as described in "Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers" by Clif Flynt, Academic Press Professional.

The 2.1 release includes a man page for the tree object in namespace (treeNobj.tcl), and a (much) less well documented tree object that will display itself on a canvas using either a traditional layout, or a nested box layout.

View the tree object man page

Download tree package as a gzipped tar file.

Download tree package as a zip file.

HTML display library with Table support

This distribution includes:
htmllib.tcl This is the version of the htmllib.tcl that is used with TclTutor. It has some minor fixes to work better with the 8.0 font naming conventions.

Release 0.3.3 adds a new command: HM_setFontAdjust {points} which scales all the fonts by $points points. This is a global make stuff bigger or smaller. It's useful for cross platform work where the default font sizes may be too large or small to be useful.

Release 0.3.4 adds support for <BR> within a table cell.

htmltable.tcl The htmltable.tcl file is described in Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers in chapter 10. It adds support for the TABLE tag to htmllib.tcl.

This version has a couple minor layout bug fixes, and is a bit smarter about figuring out the size of the window it's being displayed in.

Version 0.3.3 handles cells with different sized fonts properly.

Download htmllib package as a gzipped tar file.

Download htmllib package as a zip file.

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