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TclTutor Overview

TclTutor is a computer aided instruction package for learning the Tcl language. It consists of 47 lessons covering the basic Tcl commands, including the dict command.

The format of a TclTutor lesson is a short textual description of a command or concept and an interactive example. The lesson text is available in 3 levels of verbosity, "Expert", "Computer User", and "Beginner". The differing levels of verbosity provide a beginner with more information about computer terminology and general programming techniques, while allowing an experienced programmer to get just the minimal information that they need to start using a command. The expert level can be used as a reference tool after you've started using Tcl/Tk regularly.

The examples can be edited and re-run to experiment with how the command behaves.

TclTutor has been around for over a decade now. It's mostly stable. To make up for that I rework the GUI every few years. This code has been tested on BSD/OS, Linux, MS-Windows, and Macintosh. If it provides you with a surprise, please let me know.

Revision 3.0 Notes

TclTutor has a new GUI, the Blue theme is gone, and TclTutor is now the boring gray color that people seem to prefer. The new GUI is streamlined, uses real paned windows, popup help balloons, and other fancy stuff.

TclTutor is now provided as a StarPack. This means you don't need to have Tcl/Tk installed on your computer to run the tutorial, and installation is much simpler.

TclTutor now comes with lessons in Portuguese

Many, Many Thanks to Lucio Agostinho Rocha, who translated the entire set of lessons into Portuguese. It's taken me too long to make these available in the standard TclTutor distribution, but they are finally here.

Revision 2.0 Notes

This version of TclTutor has a completely rewritten engine.

New features/bug fixes include

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Installing TclTutor

TclTutor is available in 5 formats:

To install TclTutor follow the instructions appropriate to your platform:

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