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Extracting call statistics from your modem in Windows 95

Several modems carry statistics about the last call that they've made. These statistics are useful for diagnosing problems with noisy and dropped connections.

However, extracting the statistics can be somewhat of a chore under Windows 95 as the various tools, such as the Control Panel's diagnostic panel reset the modem before talking to it. Hyperterminal also has this problem.

For example, the string "ATI6" sent to various US Robotics modems will extract information like the following. Please check your modem manual for information on how or if you modem can provide this information.

This is from an actual modem in Msen's Troy office making an outgoing call to a relatively noisy modem for a short period:

USRobotics Courier V.Everything Link Diagnostics...

Chars sent                    0      Chars Received            57856
Chars lost                    0
Octets sent                  44      Octets Received           25528
Blocks sent                  35      Blocks Received             258
Blocks resent                 0

Retrains Requested            0      Retrains Granted              4
Line Reversals                0      Blers                       332
Link Timeouts                 0      Link Naks                     0

Data Compression       V42BIS 2048/32
Equalization           Long
Fallback               Enabled
Protocol               LAPM SREJ 244/15
Speed                  24000/21600
Current Call           00:03:14

In order to extract this information from Windows 95 and keep it from resetting the modem, the following items in the registry must be changed:

(This from USR with a bit of reformatting for the web)

If you have a USR modem and want to access your ATI6 Link Diagnostics (see "Any other USRobotics tips?") for a dialup TCP/IP session, do the following:

  1. You first have to edit the Registry:
    1. Run "REGEDIT" to launch the Registry Editor.
    2. Find the entry for your modem, which should be something like:
      (If you have more than one modem, the number may be 0001, 0002, etc.)
    3. Change the "Reset" value, which will probably be "ATZ" or "ATZ4", to "AT&FE1Q0V1S0=0&C1&D2+FCLASS=0" or "AT&F1E1Q0V1S0=0&C1&D2+FCLASS=0" respectively.
    4. Restart Windows 95.
  2. After disconnecting from a dialup TCP/IP session:
    1. Open Control Panel | Modems, and click on Diagnostics. You should see the name of your modem next to the COM port that it is on.
    2. Select the appropriate COM port and click on More Info. Windows 95 will run all of the common In commands, and then display the results.

Note: This is a temporary change for diagnostic purposes -- it is not recommended for regular use.

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