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Software Links for Windows and MAC user's

The products on this page have been recommended to Msen by our users. Msen does not endorse these products in any way, these links are here for the convenience of Msen customers.

Windows Software

Netscape One of the top two browsers for surfing the net.
Internet Explorer The other primary browser for surfing the net.
Weblint Gateways Have your URL checked by weblint, a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML.
WinTop Wondering why your Win95 machine occasionally bogs down for no good reason? WinTop lets you lets you watch which programs are using how much of your computer.
CRT Win95 32-bit terminal emulator with support for both telnet and rlogin.
WS FTP Win95 32-bit, windows-based FTP client.
Free Agent Win95 32-bit news reader.
WinZip Win95 32-bit archive manager.
Hot Dog Win95 32-bit Web page authoring product.

Mac Software

FreePPP The best Macintosh PPP dialer around
Fetch An FTP client for Macs. Use this to upload web files.
TCP Watcher General connection diagnostic tool. Our tech support will thank you for installing this.
NewsWatcher Popular and feature-filled Usenet news reader for Macs
Eudora Light Best POP3 email client for Macs.


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