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The following links are internet resources which may be of interest to our customers.

Msen Links

  • Msen Marketplace - Some of the websites hosted at Msen.
  • Customer Home Pages - Msen customer home page URLs all have the format of So, if you know one of our customers, you can reach their page by entering the URL above with username replaced by that persons username.
  • Traceroute - Determine the network path from Msen's web server.
  • Advanced Internet Users - Network diagnosis, Unix tools, etc.
  • Search Engines

  • Altavista - Good if you know keywords for what you are looking for.
  • Yahoo - Topic-based searches.
  • Deja News - Rapidly search the last few days of Usenet.
  • Network Politics

  • Voters Telecommunciation Watch - They promote civil liberties in telecommunications by monitoring Congress closely on a wide range of Internet issues.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation - Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign
  • Basic Web Page design, hints, tricks

  • Best Viewed With Any Browser - Web design guidelines to make your information available to all.
  • Web Page Backward Compaitbility Viewer - View your page in different HTML versions. A different kind of WebLint.
  • General Computer Resources

  • Microsoft Knowledge Base - Many answers for Microsoft products
  • Microsoft Windows95 - Online technical support
  • - Shareware/Freeware Software
  • Simpler Webb's excellent hints for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Non Computer/Network Recreational Resources

  • Internet Movie Database - Search by movie, performer, genre, etc..
  • Internet Gaming

  • Kali - lets you play multiplayer IPX games across the Internet.
  • Quake Stomping Ground - A good resource for quake players.

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