Macintosh, PPP, and Msen

Open Transport

This is the base window you get when you open the TCP/IP control panel when you are running under Open Transport 1.1 or later.


The Connect via field will always show what PPP extension is loaded. Other selections you will generally have are AppleTalk and possibly EtherTalk.

Always set the Configure field to "Using PPP Server". This will avoid a lot of hassles in MacPPP or FreePPP.

Your Search domain is; set your Name server addresses to and If you call in from Mt. Clemens, Troy, or Southfield reverse the order ( first, then

Adam Engst, in his book The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh has this to say about Open Transport.

From here, you can to to FreePPP setup, MacPPP setup, or MacTCP configuration.

That's all there is to TCP/IP in the Macintosh world! If you have any difficulties, please call or email

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