Brain Dead Boy - Adventure 1

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

Our Hero, Brain-Dead Boy, has just found a nickel on the sidewalk, and being thrifty, (along with trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, clean, and reverent), has hastened to the local office of the Littel Trust Bank.

He pauses just inside the ornate, oak doors of the Littel Trust Bank to admire the spacious main lobby; the lovely flowers, the row of counters for folks to fill out deposit slips, most of all, the bank of teller booths. Brain- Dead Boy is amazed that so many attractive women can all be lined up in one place.

He fantasizes, briefly, that the bank is a vending machine, with each of the tellers being a selection. In a moment he'll deposit his nickel at a booth and the teller will walk out with him, being replaced by an identical teller. He looks from the young asian woman at the end, to the tall brunette, and finally his eyes settle on the redhead in booth number 3.

"Door Number Three", he tells himself, in a silent imitation of a game show host. "That's the one for me."

Unfortunately, There is someone is already standing in line in front of the third teller. Brain-Dead Boy glances at the big, burly man wearing a blue windbreaker with the word "CROOK" in big white letters on the back, a ski mask and gloves.

"That's strange", thinks Brain-Dead Boy. "Most people don't wear clothes like that in the middle of August here in Mituwn City. He must be from out of town."

"Or Maybe...", Brain-Dead Boy looks again at the word "CROOK" on the back of the windbreaker, "Maybe... I think... I bet... That Man is a Bank Robber!"

What is Brain-Dead Boy to do?