The Bank Officer Calls the Police

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

Suddenly, the bank has become silent. It is apparent that the customers in the Littel Trust Bank have become aware that something is happening. In the thick silence, you can hear a rhythmic clicking coming from the back office; a brief whirr, followed by 9 clicks, then a shorter whirr, and 1 click, and then another short whirr, and a final click.

People are a curious species. Much more curious than cats and monkeys. They will risk life, limb, and even easy money to assuage their curiosity. And now, everyone is trying figure out what the clicks are. Perhaps they are the sound of someone locking the vault. Or someone opening it. Even the bank robber stands silent straining to hear what will happen next.

In the silence, the voice from the back office echoes like a trumpet of Gabriel. This is the voice that commands armies, and perhaps even staff sergeants. Actually, it's a thin, quavery voice that sounds like a mouse with a bad case of the nerves, but the silence and anticipation have built it into an echo of the original Big Bang.

"Hello, Police Department. I'd like to report a robbery!"

The bank is not longer quiet. The tall brunette teller points at the bank robber and screams "He's got a gun!" The bank guard shouts "You'll never get away with this!" as he puts his hands on his head. A young mother grabs her small child and says sharply "No, Johhny, it isn't polite to point at desperate armed criminals!"

The bank robber says "Shit!" and turns and runs for the door.

And, it would have worked, he could have escaped. He could have made a clean get-a-way, except that he forgot that Brain-Dead Boy is standing right behind him.

Suddenly, there was a tangle of arms and legs in the middle of the bank. The gun went flying into the air, hit the floor and smashed into a dozen pieces, spreading water all over the carpet. The guard stepped forward saying "I've got you now!", as the oriental teller shouted "There are two of them!"