Brain-Dead Boy gets arrested!

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

As Brain-Dead Boy and the bank robber thrash about on the bank's marble floor one the teller continues to shout that there were two bank robbers, and the other teller keeps saying "He has a gun!". The red-haired teller has now closed her eyes, and is leaning on her desk muttering "I wanted to be an public school teacher, but 'No,' says mom, 'Get a nice quiet job at the bank'. First thing in the morning, I'm going to apply for that job with the bomb squad."

The bank guard, ignoring the teller who says the robber is armed, picks up the remains of robber's gun and tosses them into a trash basket. He is walking towards the struggling mass of arms and legs as Brain-Dead Boy manages to disentangle himself.

Brain-Dead Boy is forcing himself backwards, in a crab walk towards the door when he runs into the bank guard's knees with the back of his head. Brain-Dead Boy grabs his head as the bank guard topples forward onto him. The guard grabs for Brain-Dead Boy's knees just before his head hits those very knees. Brain-Dead Boy grunts from the pain, but the guard has stopped feeling pain for a while.

As Officer O'Malley bursts into the bank, the bank robber is getting to his feet, and Brain-Dead Boy is trying to disentangle himself from the unconscious guard. Realizing that the guard has been overpowered, Officer O'Malley steps forward to collar the villain the guard was wrestling with.

At this point, the brunette teller again shouts "He has a gun!".

Officer O'Malley stops short, and pulls out his revolver. Pointing the gun at Brain-Dead Boy, he shouts "Drop It!". The noise of the shout resounds inside Brain-Dead Boy's head, and reminds him that he just got hit in the head by the guard's knees, before the guard fell on his knees. Brain-Dead boy starts to massage his head, grabbing his head with both hands when Officer O'Malley says "And be keeping your hands up".

Officer O'Malley starts to maneuver around Brain-Dead Boy, trying to get to the fallen guard without getting too close to Brain-Dead Boy. As he does so, the bank robber sidles slowly towards the door. As Officer O'Malley checks the bank guards pulse, and Brain-Dead Boy massages his pulsing head, the robber leaps out the door and into his car.