Brain-Dead Boy Tries to Explain

Brain-Dead Boy stares dumbfounded at Officer O'Malley. Brain-Dead Boy is good at this. Better than most, in fact.

"But.. But.. Officer O'Malley", he splutters, not unlike a badly tuned lawn mower. "There's a man in there, in the bank, with a gun and a ski-mask, and a jacket that reads "CROOK" on the back. He's Robbing the Bank."

Officer O'Malley sets aside his pencil and looks carefully at Brain-Dead Boy.

"A man in the bank?", he says as Brain-Dead Boy nods vigorously. "With a gun", (another nod) "and wearing a mask and a jacket that says "CROOK?". Brain-Dead Boy nods his head again. "Faith, and that's the silliest piece of blarney I'll be hearing all day. Be gone with you. I've got to write this ticket quick. The owner of this lovely car left the engine running, so I know they'll be back soon, and I don't want to miss this lovely citation."

Just then the engine stops. Brain-Dead Boy looks in through the drivers window, and sees the gas gauge on "E".

"It's out of gas", he tells Officer O'Malley. "Now, you'll have plenty of time to come in and catch the bank robber in mid robbery!"