TclTutor Tour - Menu Bar

A Quick Tour of TclTutor - The Menu Bar

These are the buttons on the TclTutor menu bar.


Clicking the Files button will display this:

The About button will display copyright and licensing information and a list of recommended books.

The Lesson List button will allow you do jump to different lessons.
View the Lesson List

The Course Selection button will allow you to select a different set of lessons. Tcl lessons are available on all platforms, and someday I'll finish the Tk lessons. There are a few perl lessons available for Unix, but the Mac and Windows platforms aren't supported for the other lessons.

The Modify Fontsizes button will let you change the size of the fonts. Depending on your monitor, OS platform, hardware, etc you may find it easier to work with larger or smaller fonts than the default.

The Edit Colors button will open a color selector that you can use to change the TclTutor appearance to something you find more aestheticly pleasing.

The Quit button exits the package.

Terseness Level

Clicking the Terseness Level button will display this menu:

The terseness levels provide a bit more discussion for the novice computer user, and a bit less for the experienced programmer. This lets you tailor the tutorial to your level of expertise.

Next Lesson

Clicking the Next Lesson button will advance you to the next lesson.

Previous Lesson

Clicking the Previous Lesson button will return you to the previous lesson.

Run Example

Clicking the Run Example button will execute the code in the Example text window.

Just below the menu bar is the name of the lesson you are currently reading, and the terseness level that you have selected.